“Do I look ‘blah’ to you?”

To say your life is dormant is highly unacceptable. The word is applicable to plants, and they have more power than we can possibly imagine, however motionless they may seem to be.

It also works on volcanoes, to state the status of temporarily inactive behavior it has. But not humans, necessarily.

To animals, it means having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time. We call it ‘chilling out’.

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Coastal Wish

I am currently watching Homes by the Sea on NatGeo now. There is a lot of grandiose abodes with marvelous interiors and stuff. When will I get to that point in life, being able to waltz into my own home and gobbled up the seaview as you enter the living room? That would be immensely gratifying, to be honest.

Like in Sussex or Brighton or Northumberland.

Or in Cannes or Montpellier.

Or in Positano or in Syracuse.

Or anywhere in Moroccan soil.

There’s a fine line between wishful thinking and daydreaming. Either you snap out of it or you don’t. But instead, you get up and work hard. Until you get to that point in life, where you’re bummed with all the coastal living choices you have to make.

Have You Ever Sided With Villains in Movies?

Have you ever relate to the antagonists of films you’ve watched and thought, “Well, he/she had a valid excuse for doing those horrid things.” It wasn’t really a question of judgement, more like becoming realists of world problems. I’m taking examples from two antagonists whose premise of evilness would totally get a green light from me, Kingsman: The Secret Service’s Richmond Valentine and Tomorrowland’s David Nix.

By the way, Jules Winnfield and the Prince Regent really delivers the character in each film. For one thing, Nick Fury imitating Mike Tyson’s way of talk in Kingsman tones down the fact that he wants a total annihilation of mankind. Another thing, Dr. Gregory House’s stunning delivery of his premise not only roast us but also the state of media our world’s in. They’re pretty good.

Firstly, their speech. Click here to see the rest of this post.

Is Being Anxious a Good Thing?

I’m sure others have different way—and sometimes extreme way—of experiencing anxiousness. Right now as I’m assessing my schedule through and trying to get it together, there’s a big special date I circled in. Unfortunately, it’s not a social event or a date in general. It’s my thesis defense, next Monday afternoon. Seeing all those social media posts my friends made who got the early schedule make me feel so… happy and even more anxious. I can’t lay it on verbs and adjectives any thinner, all I know is that my stomach churns and I have cold feet.

As long as I can remember, every time I have a few big things to overcome—exams, interviews—feeling anxious before the big day means a good thing. I don’t know, the feeling of being in no control over the outcome is really upsetting. But yeah, good luck to us all.

“Did you shave your eyebrow?”

I don’t.

People think I do, and they don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s a decent ice-breaker, for them to ask what happened to my left eyebrow. People would touch their own eyebrow and asked, “Why is your eyebrow look like that?” then I would explain it they way I have always been doing it while sighing internally like I just nonchalantly informed something, which I am. Sometimes it feels like one of those FAQs people don’t bother read and ask the man for the damn thing.

In this case, ask the young woman for the damn thing.

It really is a frequently asked question for people who meet me for the first time, I just notice the way they look over my eyebrow when we are exchanging conversation. Then I sense the second they’re about to ask the thing. I answered it like an IT person who always say this:


My answer has always been the same, but overtime I just make it more concise than ever. Before then, I’d spill my entire childhood and stuff but now? I just say, “I just started walking. Slipped and fell off the window after climbing the stroller. My eyebrow hit the window sill.”

That’s it.

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