Legion Post

I constantly remembered this quote from the movie “Ghost Rider”, when the demon finally reaches its final form and it said, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” So this sums up the very post. Many things to say in such compact-sized post.

As someone who almost reach certain age of 20, I’ve come to a realization that in order to be someone who is a grown person, first he/she must be imposed to responsibilities. Though the term “grown up” itself is relative according to those who experience it, logically speaking if someone is already put in that situation, he/she cannot help but to feel responsible.

This brings me to this rather ironic (to what I’ve wrote above) experience I had few hours ago, just before I went home from campus. Since I’m old enough (according to the law) to use debit card under my name, my parents won’t bother to give money directly anymore every month and it is my responsibility to use it wisely and keep it safe with the rest of my valuables on my wallet. But, since I’m also old enough (according to society) to basically do whatever I want with that card; adds in with my horrible traits of negligence and misplacing things, I lost that card. And it took me almost a day to found that out.

God knows what might happen to it. For all I know, I’d lost my entire savings because someone decided to spend it all in a day. Theft is inevitable and not to mention people would do any thing to get easy money, especially lucky sort of cash. To make matters worse, I don’t have enough money to buy some petrol (which I don’t have left, two bars tops) and not enough money to go home.

At the back of my mind was: If I keep my car under constant acceleration, it won’t take a lot of petrol. So I did it and I went home safely. Afterwards the customer services I called in told me that I can block my card to prevent usage of whoever obtains my card at the time. The point of this was, being the self-critical person, it is a must to not leave a room for error even if it’s with yourself. Especially with yourself.


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