Live Report: Things To Prepare

For a first timer in live reporting, I find myself feeling giddy over the fact that I am about to do an activity that depicts how I will work in the future. To be frank, the whole situation of live reporting is more dynamic than it is to work indoors, in my opinion.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on an assignment regarding TV Journalism, mainly how to do live reports. I have done it once a few weeks before and on a scale of 1-10, I would grade it as a 3. Why? Because I did not have much images or scenes to put inserts, the overall content I said to the audience is something out of general information, and it only lasted less than two minutes. Let’s analyze.

1. Images and scenes for inserts.
Insert is often associated with Live on Tape, Voice Over, or Package. It is used to explain the narration visually, to appear more variation of combined sound and voice to the viewers. What I did wrong is to put a different insert for another type of narration. In example, the narration said, “The legislative campaign is held at the soccer field…” But the insert shown on screen was the scenes of a campaign on a stadium. It would appear inconsistent and it shows how unprepared it was.

2. Live report content
Since it is for television, not only it needs to be visually dynamic but also interesting to viewers because it provides useful information.

3. Duration
From what the lecturer told the rest of TV Journalism class, it needs to be around two minutes fifty seconds.

The three explanation is based from the experience I had a few weeks ago and how to mend it is by practicing, of course. Hopefully tomorrow will turn out okay.


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