Identity Throughout the Universe

A lot of people around me, also on most movies I’ve watched have told me true natures of specific people. For example, writers. Ernest Hemingway on Midnight in Paris told Gil about one of the stereotypes, “If it’s (the book) bad, I’d hate it because I hate bad writing. If it’s good I hate it all the more, you don’t want an opinion of another writer.” Writers are competitive. And that is the very reason why it feels like a death wish every time I press “publish” on any blog, no matter which blog it is and no matter how private it was.

Every blog I’ve ever made was only a medium for me to release whatever it is on my mind, because apparently it could do me some good effects, whatever that is. What I’ve found over they years is that I will never write good enough, because I haven’t found the requirements of what makes a writing “good”. What pops in my head is what comes out of my fingers and that is all I’ve ever done. All I need is to get this writing into focus.

Speaking of identities, I’ve recently just read Paper Towns by John Green and the character Margo is by far one of the most complicated character I have ever read. It explained throughout the novel that everyone in the book has their own Margo, every version of Margo they usually encounter. The Margo most of them knew is that she is very adventurous, bubbly, positive and stuff. But Margo herself is completely different from who she is according to everyone else, it implies that she put high walls in order not to reveal who she really is because people around her got so stuck with the stereotypes of a popular girl, which Margo sort of is. She drives out of Orlando to escape many identities people put on her, so that she could be herself. According to the character Quentin, her escape is so like her but it proves what’s left of her when she’s herself: empty.

I don’t think she’s empty at all, she is just a person. Empty or not, it depends on what kind of person perceives her. A person overcomes a self-discovery phase without realizing that they change other people around them also. In a secluded space with nothing but yourself is the way of finding what makes you, you. What makes me, me, is there because of what others perceive of me. You cannot help but to be like that because that’s what others have thought of what you’d be like, if you can dissect the sentence. A person has to put on different masks according to different groups of people just to fit in. That’s very exhausting. There are others who probably say, “I’m an open book.”  Are you sure? Do you want people to see through you and probably judge you for who you really are? In here I would probably come out as a deranged person with word vomit, so I should slow down.

In a working environment with different people, it’s another matter.

I’ve bestowed upon me a great working environment on my campus radio and I have never felt so provoked, mind-wise. Because college and being in a team is as far as I know the place where you catch the glimpse of how will you work in the future, in my opinion. You are dealing with different people with diverse ideas, not to mention various wants and needs. It teaches you, tells you that whenever the type of decision you make when you’re in a small organization like this, it will shows what sort of person you are and will be in the future. Identifies your identities, putting it modestly.

Quoting Dr. Sweets from Bones, “You will never know what it feels like until you are put in that situation.” It is this, the feeling of being on a simulation, a small test that will reveal who you are which makes it even more challenging. You learn about work ethics, there really is no I in team, patience is a yes, no organization is perfect, what makes a good team is good communication.

Well, as long as you’re having fun while working, in my opinion you’ll get by.


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