Taste That Left Me With ‘meh’

It’s a must for me–more like a manual–to look at reviews on pretty much anything I’m about to watch, read, or even purchase (on my way to purchase a new laptop, need immediate advice). A critical consensus is series of people whose opinion matters to me the most, putting it mildly. As I’m typing right now, I’m trying to find which entertainment source that I found very disappointing despite the seemingly praising, sometimes over-the-top reviews people have over it.

I’m still trying to find it, because hardly any consensus I found on anything I’m trying to watch, read or purchase rarely left me with the feeling of ‘meh’. It explains the feeling of trust towards the people of the internet and in real life to explain just how the book or movie was. They have the time to give feedbacks on what’s good and what’s a no no.

I repeat. Critical consensus (people of the internet and my friends) have never let me down. Until my friend played “The Pianist” in class because we have two hours free until the next class at noon.

No, I don’t hate it. I love Adrien Brody in it, his acting was good. He captures the sense of how hopeless it is to live when Nazi overpowers the area. That era is the saddest, most inhuman time according to that movie, and in a few scenes it made me dread that a place you’re suppose to feel like home is taken away, and you’re left with no one and nothing. That void is once exist.

I’m telling you, I don’t hate it. I’m scared of it.

The first time my friend pressed play, I thought at least it’d be amusing or happy because the scene of Brody played the piano in the beginning was soothing, until an explosion happen. The annoying part was I’m mixed between scared and curious at the same time, so I can’t storm off the room.

Obviously, my genre spreads around romance, sci-fi, and… I don’t know, pretty much something that is not depressing. Because “The Pianist” pull the strings on my psychological side, I can’t help but to empathize on how hard it is to live at that time. My friend explain it to me at the end because… I chickened out. (Stopped right after the scene of Brody’s character hide in one of his relative’s house right across the hospital, and after a few days he got sick.) And at the end, I felt ‘meh’ because it suppressed the feelings of actually watching it until it ends. If you know what I mean.

Besides horror movies or readings, these types of movie are just a no no for me. But seriously, imdb put an 8.5 and I’m really cool with that. I’m realllly cool with that, but personally that movie made me cry for no reason.


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