The Thing With Trust Is…

When you’re an adult, driving alone in a highway and in a situation of choosing either the first or the second exit, which one would you trust most in terms of deciding it, The Brain or The Gut?

Well, here’s the deal: If I go to the first exit, it is cheaper but farther and I still have to deal with the traffic jams. Meanwhile, if I go to the second exit I’d arrive faster and have access to alternative roads but I have to pay more. Either you trust your brain or your gut when it comes to making decisions. I have been in this situation way too many times to trust either one, but voluntarily they pitched in their opinions.

No, I don’t mean to drift into matters of love. If I may add, trust is key importance in starting a relationship, in my terms. We’ll leave it at that.

This is a case of trust between what’s going on in your head and in your instinct, in the context of daily life. Deciding what’s best for you at that particular time and day, which for me is extremely difficult because gut and brain often crossed.

The idea of being purely instinctive only attracts to me on certain time. Because I tend to do the opposite of what my gut tells me. It can’t be helped that sometimes it is unfortunate not being able to trust one self. Between the second or the first exit? My gut tells me to go with the second, why? It is more expensive but nonetheless it will be worth it because I’d arrive on time.

My brain chose the first exit because it is cheaper, that’s it. I’d arrive a few minutes behind schedule but that depends on the traffic jams I encountered. I often crossed with it as well, because, despite how weird it sounds, I like to do what the brain told me not to. Of course, all of that depends on what situation I’m in.

Every time I was given a choice, there’s always a riot in my brain. But in the end, you have to trust your own clear voice whether it is from your brain or your gut. You cannot help but to cling on one of the choice you have made because the command comes from you. The thing with trust is to… I don’t know, honestly. For the past few minutes I’ve been thinking quite hard on the idea of trust, because the meaning varies.

Trust can be best friends telling each other their secrets, or a couple supporting each other in a relationship, or one self trying to reassure herself that she can survive through bungee jumping, I don’t know. Trust exist between people because each of them have shared a piece of themselves, it was offered so that in return they obtained security from each other.

But that’s just my opinion.

As of now, the second exit on the highway I use to take commute to pretty much everywhere has closed so the first exit wins.


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