Say Any Mantra, It’s All a Matter of Will

See the thing is, determination to accomplish the list of resolutions I have only lasted until I hang the list on the wall. Afterwards, I completely feel incapable of doing the whole stuff. I have been in my room, contemplating on which resolutions have I achieved this year and also doing some take home tests before the finals and it suddenly hit me. I haven’t been able to achieve much of anything this year because: (1) I’m easily distracted; (2) I suck at multitasking;  and all of which I’m still trying to master.

If you’re the type to write a resolution list, I suggest you start with your mind because nothing will be achieve without a focused mind. I’m not trying to be cliche or motivational, it’s just that most people I know would strap off their will to accomplish something by the end of the first January. Not that I’m being overly cynical about it. There are always sayings or mantras each person have in order for them to focus on what they want to achieve.

For me, it’s always: All or nothing, bitch.

Because it eases your mind off things and somehow helps you geared up to do even better than before. But it’s all a matter of perspective, when it comes to mantras. You see, it’s like a magic word that helps a magician pull out a bunny from a hat, mantra is something you could use to power up and face the world, at least that’s what I think. Because no one can help you but you, right? And when that power of you alone isn’t enough, you need a magic word to pull yourself out of a magician’s hat, hence the mantra.

Not only that, the idea of you being incapable of accomplish something… it’s all in your head. Shove it out of your head when it comes to self-doubt.


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