Who Is This?

This is a muggle speaking.

Let’s set this blog on track.

That’s the main reason as to why I do this, because for the last year and a half I write aimless stuff. One post is about a movie reaction, the other is about assignments as a college student majoring in journalism, the rest is sort of odd mix of personal experience and weird shitty list. Let’s say you walk into a haunted house, there is a way but you’re kept in the dark so you have no way of figuring out how to get out. That’s how I managed this blog, and any other blog before I ended up deleting all of it.

So 2016 will mark a new face and body of Radioactive Voice. Before we get into the roller coaster, let me introduce myself. You know my name from this site already, one thing for certain, the name sounds like an Indonesian. Well, I am.

My goal here is to post anything related to my major (journalism) be it about assignments, work group, environment. Not only that, since movies are my cup of tea, I (for a brief post probably, it depends) will post a few moving pictures that I love to watch or just stumbled upon. Let’s keep this on track, shall we?

Posts in here were made entirely out of compressed thoughts and desires.
Radioactive voice = Sentences made out of voices so contagious to the writer that she can’t help but to write it out again.
This blog has movie references here and there. So you can guess the writer’s preferences in moving pictures.

Need to express how odd the writer is? Comment or go to twitter and find @aliefiamalik. Yes, this is a very narcissistic attempt.
Want to hear how peculiar this writer’s voice actually is? Go to radio.umn.ac.id (voices may vary depending on the time it airs)
I’ll see you when I see you (if you can guess which character said that, that’s nice)

Another note, if you are into moving pictures and a person who are able to read (or trying to learn) Indonesian, there is an Indonesian-based site for your movie addictions.

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