Those Romance Movies That Doesn’t End With A Kiss

To be honest, I have been trying to Google every romance movies that doesn’t end with a kiss. Unfortunately, the search results directed me towards the movies with most romantic kisses. But, I’m persisting that it should be those movies that doesn’t end with smooching. Of course, kissing is one gesture indicating you love someone and in fact it was the icing on the cake of all the affectionate gesture there are. But, wouldn’t it be nice to also see other gestures beside one kissing the other? (This also indicates that the writer doesn’t have that much experience with kissing, or does she? Hmm… We’ll never know.)

After rummaging through Google, like really rummaging through. Thankfully, I’m able to find a few but if anyone of you stumbles this post and you know there’s more movies like that out there, say it!

1. Pride and Prejudice

This is just the ultimate ticket to Austenland of hopes, dreams, and the perfect Mr. Darcy. Also, I’m talking about both the BBC series (is it a series? All I know is Colin Firth plays Mr. Darcy there) and the 2005 film (Matthew McFayden is so charming there too), both of them are special in their own way. The first time I read the book is when I went through my mother’s books in the living room out of boredom and it’s not on an actual form of a book, you know what I mean? My mom photocopied the original book and have it bound for one of her assignments back in her college years. Anyway, I decided to read it despite my limited knowledge (Hey, it was 8 years ago) of its seriously high English-based conversation and writings among its characters. I didn’t know the entire storyline until I got the 2005 version of its story. The idea is that Jane Austen captures the feeling of a woman whose relationship is nonexistent and she feels that it’s okay, but when she met someone of opposite gender so similar with her (behavior-wise) both of them trapped in a classic prejudice and total pride attitude sort of situation. I just can’t contain my feels about this movie and its story and pretty much every thing, the sentences on the book alone already made me squeal.

“If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My feelings and affections have not changed. If however your feelings have changed, I would have to tell you. You have bewitched me, body and soul.” Oh, Darcy.

2. Sleepless in Seattle

I’m a person whose genre preference are mindfucking story lines. Sleepless in Seattle doesn’t give me that kind of sensation. But I still love the idea of true love that can come from places you’ve never think of before. I guess it gives me hope about life. Not only that, the characters are all so lovely and it offers you that conventional way of dating. Not with all the tech stuff. You have to call someone and make an effort, that’s the way the movie perceives dating. It’s also made well for the time. It’s just cute and old-fashioned for the culture of today.

3. Brief Encounter

This movie ends with a kiss, I can bend the rule a little bit because the lead actress doesn’t kiss with the lead actor. But the story line though, especially the last scene. The movie gives me the purest form of love, the sense of only caring for that special someone because love doesn’t know time and people and space. It’s just there the moment you see someone, even if it is for a split second. But get ready to get punched in the feels because this movie hurts your heart. I don’t care for spoilers though, so be prepared okay? The last scene is when both of the main characters were in the train station, sat across each other on one of the cafe tables before saying goodbye for each other. Why? because they realize that if they want to pursue their life belong to one another, they have to leave their own lives behind, since you know, they’re in an affair. Both of them have their own family and to elope is simply taboo and is shunned in social life at that time. So what do they do? They sat across each other, enjoying each others presence, basically make the most of their last time to be together.

But what actually happened? The lead actress’ friend comes in the scene and just ruins it. UGH.

Okay so that’s basically three I’ve found so far, I don’t know if there are more though.



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