The Hearing and The Sight Broke.

Law breaking is something I am not planning to do in life, though the reality is quite the opposite. Sometimes you cannot help but to break the law because of one or two circumstances. Either that or you are not careful enough. I do not mean to say this, but I guess rules are made to be broken? I am sorry, officers.

Jakarta had recently suffered from massive flooding, as it always been on every January. Fortunately, my house does not sink nor does it float and got carried away with the current, because of the densely populated trees around it. My family and I got to watch the disaster caused by this yearly “disease” from our television, with the northern part of Jakarta already has the water as high as a man’s torso (as far as I know). Everyone evacuates and most of them built their houses up, so that they could stay in their house while the water floods into their house’s first floor.

I am currently living in the suburb of of Jakarta so I did not experience this kind of torment. Everyday I can still commute to campus, my brother can still go to his school, and my father manages to drive to his office at the main Jakarta with his motorcycle. We did not suffer, unlike some of my friends who live on the northern Jakarta. Well, before I move to the suburbs, my “ex-house” was in western part of Jakarta and flooding was once something I am familiar with. I used to have it as up to my knees and the brown colored water would rush into my house.

Of course before all of this would happen, my mother and I would go to my grandmother’s house while my father waited until the currents have died down. That is why the neighborhood rarely paint the walls of their houses because every year, the water would wash it away and leave brown marks on it. By the year of 2000, my family moved out to the current house. Before we do move, we made friends with one of the neighbors on the area. Their house is right across us, one elderly woman and her two daughters. Two of them are around 25 when they took care of me while my mother is busy taking care of my baby brother. Which is why even until now, I am still heading back to the old house and visit our dear neighbors.

No, I am not breaking into their home. Not even close.

It was two weeks ago when the flooding has gone and that old neighborhood is one of the flood’s routes. My mother and I decided to visit our dear neighbor, to see how much damage the flood had caused to their house and to provide food. We drove through the long forgotten commute and reminisce my old elementary, my old friend’s house, and even the market right outside of the neighborhood. As we arrived, we parked right at the right side of the house. We surprised them and they are more than happy to welcome us. One of the daughters, now in her 30s, remind me not to park where the car is because other vehicle might want to get through.

She offered to park inside the house’s garage instead, to which I agree. I started to park and about to mount the car from its backside onto the garage. It is a tight space, when you think about it. The car I use (Suzuki Splash) and adds a few centimeters wide, that is how wide the garage was. Maybe, just maybe I put my concentration too much on my right side of the car when I tried to park it. Also, probably I do not look on the left side. So, my left side view mirror broke into pieces as it crashed into the fence, along with the side view shell. My mother shouted and I panicked so rammed forward, therefore break the shell as well.

Now, I cannot see the left side of my car whenever I drive, and it makes parallel parking even more tedious than before. The law breaking part? I still use the car, and I haven’t got it fixed. I do not know whether they will notice. All I know is that I am now partially blind, while I drive.


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