Lone Wolf Deserves a Cookie

Alone and lonely are different. There are those who takes pleasure of being alone but no one is capable of being lonely.

I do feel recharged from being in solitude for a few periods of time. I get to do anything I want to do, without any of the inconveniences of meeting other people. It is a great time for some people to enjoy a me-time, to hear yourself think. Because the world is a really loud space full of opinions and judgement.

At least that is what I think.
But I never be truly alone, not here at home.

My idea of being alone is when I close the door, open my laptop, plugged the earphones in, and lay down. Probably listening to some film soundtracks, or nothingness. There are infinite ways for people to enjoy being alone, and that is how I spend mine.

Everybody talks, they want to express themselves and be heard or seen by anyone. It is tiresome, is it not? To do whatever it takes to please other people, who probably could care less about you being there. It becomes me, the idea of not giving any fudges to other people. Pardon the swear word.

Do you not think sometimes it is too much to hear and see other opinion pushed upon you? That is why being alone is great for me, in my case.


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