Tardis, Pensieve, or DeLorean?

It is not ideal to fuss about the past. Not only it is a waste of time, but past is something that is already been done (obviously).

But, are there times you wish that things turn out different? That we can alert our past self about the incoming event which might change our lives? Or maybe, you just need to slap your past-self in the face.

I have encountered many experiences in life that I regret. For example, I regret not taking the first exit on the highway commute when I thought there had been traffic jams; or the time when I skipped class and did not turn in my assignment thus resulting in a lost score. Many regrets.

Those decisions I have made and done are irreversible. But sometimes, I need to punch myself in the face because I made bad judgement call. See the thing is, I lived my life around televisions and movies too much to have a dream that I would be able to turn back time.

I really want to remind my past-self, and somehow gave myself a walkthrough on life. But by doing so can have serious implication on the future. Even if I were to go into the future, everything there would be a predetermined thing. I don’t know, I am severely confused and tired.

You see, I wish some things would turn out differently. But since I am a realist, we can just do our best in this part of life. Be better because we will never know when it’s done.


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