Trolls Love Doing Their Own Laundry

Everybody have their own ideal self, someone we wished is true. The perfect mold of ourselves, only better. Sometimes we wish we would turn into that ideal self for once but I don’t know, we just can’t. To ditch the old and use the new one, it’s like Brave New World all over again.

The old me is sort of a tightly-closed chest full of weirdness. The strange nature is equivalent to the emotions stirred up inside. You get rainbows, clouds, water, air, word vomit, dizziness, all sorts of queer. You cannot help but to feel repulsed once you decided that it is best to bottled up your feelings. Unfortunately, that is something I always do, because I believe you should not hand over your secret to someone else let alone the rest of the world.

On the inside, the new me would turn into someone better. That being said, stating the fact would require reluctantly throwing my realist perspective out of the window because no one is absolutely better than anyone else, in my opinion. In a sense, the term “someone better” is synonymous with a person who have found their inner peace. My way of achieving inner peace is when you have fully accepted your flaws and strengths, have outright definition of who you are and not afraid of other people’s remarks. A complete daredevil who tries every single adrenaline-rushing activities that will make your friends say, “Don’t do it, man.”

Additionally, I would become someone who are severely forgiving to other people, tolerating, and accepting. Not only that, the contemporary me would be the one able to host a party with a strong fashion sense and master the use of make-up kit.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”


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