Clairvoyance Strategy

This reminds me of a lot of movies about future predictions. The gift of knowing what goes beyond today is something I really want to have right now, especially given the circumstances are not in my favor at the moment. I cannot help but to refer this post to a bunch of movies I have watched since who-knows-when.

If I were to be a gifted clairvoyance, I would use it without damaging the future itself. According to Doc Brown from Back to the Future Trilogy, when you do time travel you can alter the course of history. He even claimed that the DeLorean brought nothing but disaster (in the last one when he and Marty escort Clara home). That depends on what kind of future my life (or others) will be like. If it is good, then I will only observe without doing anything, because knowing the future is already cheating with life.

But then, there’s this side effect in which I will lose a day of my life if I were to use this gift. Well in the movie About Time, Tim can predict and even visit different times. The only side effects is that the memory of his father will get overlapped, meaning it will eventually gone by the time his wife bore the third child. At this time, I’m still re-watching it just to make it clear. Anyway, Tim does use his gift but overtime he rarely does not. Why? According to his father, the secret to use it is to try live one day as it is but then replay it and do it differently. This way, Tim can make sense of the world he lived and got closer look at things he missed or ignored. Eventually (as his father suggested) he stopped using the gift entirely, because nothing is better than actually enjoying the moment.

Then, if I were to have it I would only use it for emergency stuff. Things that can seriously affect my life that I want to know, I will use the gift. Using it without changing the course of history, because if I were to do stuff in a particular time which I don’t belong, it would be like the end of Back to the Future III all over again.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”


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