Do Forget and Live Your Life

Unlike Augustus Waters, I embrace oblivion.I don’t know, it just feels better when you die and only a few people cry for you. It makes the whole experience more intimate and realistic, morbidly speaking. When you live, you do want to leave your mark on the world and maybe the term it is small world applies to your life but it does not mean you get to be in everyone’s mind when your at the edge of death.

Probably not that extreme. What I mean is that you will leave a mark on the world, that is the world of people you are close with. Sometimes you just have to look at the skies and honestly think about insignificant your life is, because you are one amongst other seven billion. The kind of legacy I want to leave is that grief is fine, but eventually I will just be a part of your memory as someone who has once lived. For other people maybe it is considered as not respecting myself but it is more efficient that way.

The word legacy itself seems grandiose because the act and content of it must affect everyone on Earth. I don’t know. When I die, it is just another part of life. How you grief it is up to you. But when you do grief, it will eventually fade away.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Don’t You Forget About Me.”


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