The Young Bald One

I don’t wanna let go of this hair, this hairstyle makes me look good. I love this hair.

That is not me, it was my brother who is on my left. We are currently at the barbershop, waiting for my brother’s turn to get his hair cut. Not just any haircut, he is going to get it all chopped off. Almost bald.

Why? Because he is about to attend his first day at the senior high orientation and the seniors want every freshmen boys to shave their head.

It is customary in here to have a very memorable orientation week. Mine was too… unforgettable. From the attires to the things we must bring, it is very… elaborate. The seniors want my brother (and more than hundred other freshmen students) to get accustomed to senior high life as I have done it before him. He thinks that shaving his hair is a little too… Well he love his hairstyle so you can guess how devastated he must have felt.

His hairstyle is sort of like what you usually witness on most young people today. Think about… Justin Bieber look circa 2015, minus the tattoos.

Okay, so my brother is extremely anxious because his hairstyle is what makes him attractive (according to him) and getting it shaved off is kinda sad. I told him to get it over with and stop being such a drama queen.

And now he is almost bald.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “S/he Said.”


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