Treat Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

When was the last time you ever truly treat yourself?

Mine was when I took a really refreshing bath, a few minutes ago. I don’t know, it says that most people would find peace, ideas, and innovation while they’re in the bathroom. I find peace there, because I got to treat all of my senses. When I treat myself with food, I only treat my mouth and stomach. Treat myself with movies means I spoil my sight and emotions. The thing is, almost everything I enjoy outside of the bathroom is only indulging one sense or two.

Nothing beats a really warm bath. You get to sort through events of that day, reminding yourself of what comes next, and even trace yourself to check wounds on your body. See, the idea of baths are actually consists of how you would treat yourself without the inconvenience of other people. Spa is almost like that, but other people do it for you. The luxury only stays there. It is nice to know that your body is treated by your regard with respect.

When it comes to senses, the way I treat all of them at once is when I stop talking and just think. That is why bathroom trips are always long. You get fully refresh, come out with new ideas, and even got motivated at one time.


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