Indonesia is the New Indonesia

A few weeks ago, I heard it on the radio on my way home that Jakarta (main capital) and Surabaya (capital of East Java) are in place first and fourth, respectively, as one of the most irritating place in the world. My father who is from Surabaya acknowledge this fact but then a little bit vexed himself because the radio lead the story with Surabaya first instead of Jakarta, making it seemed like a devastating thing to know a capital province had it worse than the mainland (It really is not).

Well it is, but Jakarta is the most qualified of the title and serves a special place as the lead of that particular news (according to him). Either way, my father is slightly pissed.

Indonesia is the New Indonesia with the ever growing population and the increase use of private vehicles. It is suffocating to drive everywhere, especially on working hours. Public transports are very convenient, especially when it is working hours. 8AM and you are crushed like sardines but you do arrive on time.

Building on that, transportations are just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s been more than a month after the 70th year of Indonesia’s independence. The red-white flag was up on every houses’ front lawn, the front gates (we call it Gapura here) of every neighborhood is beautifully decorated, the poles for the famous Panjat Pinang had been in standing and towering. It was festive, I am sure of it.

If we are to call the country as new, we have to see it as progress. Indonesia is growing, and it is something that does not change overnight. Progress and growing means we are constantly changing, evolving as a nation in which its people also experiencing new-ness of everything. Of course, to the rising also comes with downside. But let’s not dwell on that and focus on the future, because as Barney Stinson said it, “New is always better”.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “______ is the new ______.”

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