Styles While on the Wheels

It’s about trust when you are driving. You are among other drivers on their respective vehicles, driving on their lanes and trust each other on not trying to hit one another. It’s a huge responsibility and one must do it in cold head, calm mind, and utmost respect.

In my case, those feelings come and go.

I just started to use the car when I enter uni and at first it is the most pleasant, liberating feeling in the world. Everything is in slow motion, and you feel the ground beneath your small red car. You feel in control, and you are. You can go whenever you want, you have the steering wheel. It was almost addictive, for a few months. It was the time when I am most careful, delicate, and in a state of bliss. No, I’m not high, no. It’s just nice to know that you can do things on your own without the inconvenience of your parents knowing what you do. As soon as you got out of the house, you drive out and do stuff.

When I’m in a good mood, it’s “Fast & Furious 7”. There are loads of feelings involved. When I have deep thoughts but I have to pay attention, it’s like “Transporter”.

But there are levels where it stops being an activity of pleasure. I started to feel like it’s a burden during third semester, because of assignments. As if there is a saturation point in driving, and when it passes that point, it turns into the most dreadful thing.

When it’s bad, it’s “Fast & Furious”; really furious.

My driving style goes from autopilot on a smooth tarmac to road rages. Loads of road rage. There are times when I let a vehicle passes me because “I am a generous god” but other times I want the road all to myself. It is not an ideal way to drive, but sometimes you can’t help but to show every passing car a finger (passive-aggressively). There are times when you show loads of hand gestures and bad-mouthing right beneath your tinted windows. Mine is not really tinted.

Oddly enough, my high school friends calls me a racing driver (aching to continue using The Stig’s opening). It was because before a car, I would use motorcycles to school. Convenient and effective. The commute from my house to my school is stretched straight of newly dry tarmac with no traffic jams, that’s the dream. I really love going more than 30 miles per hour on that piece of road.

Anyway, it is not wise to have road rage. It can lead to negative things and could possibly injure yourself. Believe me, I have scars to prove it (My car has it as well).

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”


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