Returning Nightmares, Only Shadows

So, today I have been contemplating on my life and how I have been spending it by doing absolutely nothing. Why did I do that? In three more minutes, I’m turning 21 years old. You kind of get passed the whole “finding who you are” phase and about to embark on a journey to find what you truly aim for in life.

That sentence is the returning nightmare when you are a jobless fresh graduate. That being said, it doesn’t really make a bit of difference when you know your goals in life. Humans take life as some sort of tool in order for them to give themselves a meaning, to live is to define yourself in things that you do. The returning nightmare of this is because until now, I have no idea what I should do (some say that’s what most young adults feels like). I have been feeling like this since July of this year, and yesterday was the result of the accumulated feelings.

I’m now officially 21, about three minutes ago.

In reminder of how clueless I am for the past few months, it is not even helping that everyone seems to get their life on track, not that I’m jealous of whatever. It’s just that “the shadows” of the recurring nightmares sometimes affecting, and even, clouding my judgment. As it always been for the past few years.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”


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