Alibi Tracking

My family keep receipts. Be it for buying something to nibble on our way to Grandma’s house, or even for gas. It’s not a tradition, no. Also, I’m not sure that my parents keep it for tracking expenses. That’s just… how it is.

Every time we buy something, my parents would keep the receipts. It passed on to me for a short period of time, that odd habit. I also don’t keep track of my expenses, I don’t have ledger lying around. As I type this, trying to figure out as to why we do this, I began to realize that I don’t know what it’s for. It’s just a piece of paper, reminding you of what you bought and how much it cost.

See, this thought comes to mind when I was taking out a pile of receipts in one of the compartments on the car. I stacked it, separated it through and figured out which one is for, and then proceeded to tear it. Nothing else.

Mostly from toll booths, and parking space, you know… The receipts. We barely eat in restaurant these days and mall visitation is just for… groceries. The one thing I managed to find was a five day trial for gym membership, a ticket for a talent night on my campus, and five receipts from the car wash.

Then I remembered, that’s what my mother has been asking me to do with this pile, to find the car wash receipts. I would get a free car wash in exchange for five of its receipts, so yeah my car’s is going to be sparkly for free.

But I don’t know why would my parents keep all of this weird pile of paper. Back when I was still clueless with the concept of money (and CSI New York is the hit series out there at the time) I thought that my parents need to keep a stack of alibis just in case, you know, they’re suspected of something. Okay, let’s knock on hardwood floors for that one for a sec.

But still, I just don’t get it. If they’re not doing anything with it, then what’s the use for? To let it piling up and give an illusion of a thick wallet? I don’t know.

I keep track of my expenses now, ever since I realize that I need to have a sense of spending correctly. Well, I do spend wisely. It’s just that, I don’t hoard receipts anymore.


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