Rapunzel with WiFi in Her Tower

This will be in chronological order, okay? Starts at 6 PM…

My father and brother had gone out to find something to eat, and probably buy some booze (since my brother is apparently urging us to drink) despite him still illegal to do so. My mother and I, just spend our time on each others’ electronic devices. I was in charge of movie playlist.

Then onto 8 PM…

My brother brought back root beers, and two Guinness. My father bought loads of snacks.

Then at 10 PM…

We were watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and my mother said that she felt sleepy and proceeds to left the living area and my father soon followed, an hour later.

At 23:58.

I was in the middle of watching Ant Man, then I heard every body outside blasting their fireworks already. I went out of the house and saw the night sky just filled with… clouds and stars, it was a decent night. The fireworks are on the neighborhood a bit far from mine, but their bangs and shoots is still loud enough for me to hear.

I went inside and saw my brother asleep on the floor in the living room. So, I went to the kitchen, grabbed that one Guinness and finished it off outside while listening to those fireworks. It lasted ten minutes, while my drink lasted three.

I sat there alone, with a cold empty can in my hand and thought of how much of a loner I am. It is true when people say that loneliness is addictive. Because once you realize that, you don’t give a fudge about anyone else. Suddenly, you felt happy and the term “ignorance is bliss” applies to you.

However when you’ve been alone all the while, all a year of it, you need to be around people so that you can be a human being. You need interaction. So, when you’re alone at New Year’s when you’re not suppose to be, the silence will ganging up on you like you’ve been in deep waters for so long, it’s suffocating.

So, yeah. I would have wanted to be somewhere else. As I walked into the house and turned on the TV, Jakarta is celebrating. Every body is blowing on their horns, the sky on top of Monas is indeed filled with fireworks, and the TV station field anchors narrated the situation and wished everyone a happy new year. I wanted to be there.

But instead, I grabbed root beers until it rains outside around 2 AM. Best New Year’s event yet.

In Response to The Daily Post, Stroke of Midnight


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