Reading Books from The Velvet Seat

Once I watched The Fault in Our Stars with two of my friends. I have read the books and shed a tear or two, and it is the first time I’ve ever watch something that I’ve read it beforehand.

So, I sat in middle in row D, if my memory serves me. As the movie started, I began to narrate the whole monologue of Hazel’s character in my head. For a few minutes, I was satisfied that every thing is the way I pictured it in my head.

Then the scene where Hazel first met Gus, at the group therapy. It was still the exact same thing, exactly the same as it is in the book. But do I spill my opinions out loud? No. I watched it like any adult, in silence.

My friend on the right was a total fan-girl with all John Green novels, she’s the one introducing me to the whole thing. From start to finish… No, she’s not exclaiming her opinions loudly, no. She was narrating the whole script. It was cute, it’s her thing to do so and I wasn’t so surprised but it’s like hearing an echo throughout the movie.

My friend on the left was motionless the whole time, even at one point a little irked with one scene. Then I found out that she isn’t really into these sappy romantic movies.

Okay, so I figured that maybe certain movies is best indulged with certain types of friends. If only I would’ve realized that sooner.

As a matter of the movie itself, it doesn’t really sell out the sadness. The term is “that our expectation is not met with the movie represented”. During the last bit, where Hazel delivers the eulogy in front of Gus, in the book it was really gut-wrenching.

This proves that when you’re about to watch a book-based movies, better watch the movies first. Or, you know, do whatever floats your boat.





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