Regal is the Word for It

To me, style is something so subjective and intangible it feels like you are sifting water trying to explain it.

It is considered shame though, during the 1890s to sport a short bob. Well, that is until World War I when it is given an impetus by inconvenience of long hair to girls involved in war work. Guilty as I may be, that is the style that speaks volume (pun-intended indeed) until today.

My hair is almost chest-length by now, and I felt increasingly agitated that I am unable to cut it short. Why? Everybody in my family, even my mother, have short hair. “It will be confusing for others to see our family, not one having long hair.” My mother convinced me.

From Lady Diana Cooper, to Joan Crawford, even Anna Wintour have this specific hairstyle. I don’t know why, it exudes independence and regal in a masculine way. This hairstyle is my go-to escape, freeing myself from the inconvenience of overusing shampoo and hair ties.

Although, the use of bobby pins are increased.

Bob cuts are just right on a few types of head, you know what I mean? It is a matter of looking pretty or not in a short bob cut. To me, I was just trying to get away from the instant sweating of having long hair. But people would think that cutting it so drastically mean that they are trying to make a statement with it.

“I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, so cutting my hair means I’m letting go.”

“I’m getting a short bob cut because I want pixie but also a long hair of some sort.”

In response to The Daily Post prompt, “New Sensation“.


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