“All… Around… You…”

Just as Dolby said it.

I just love that opening in every movie-going experience, ever. When I was a child however, that sound would totally freak me out. In real life, I was actually a bit scared of that THX opening.

Speaking of surround sounds, movie soundtracks are just the icing on the cake. It totally piece every emotions the actors convey, also maps the visual a movie represent. Well-delivered movie soundtracks will actually get you carried away in a particular scene, merging the sound with the picture until you don’t hear it. Subconsciously you feel like being in it. From That Thing You Do to Interstellar, movie soundtracks makes everything more gripping.

But, people have their own favorites when it comes to film scores. I’m not going to give a bunch of lists telling the best soundtrack list in the world, though I might throw in some reference here and there.

Some movie scores done by Michael Giacchino is oh-so-good it gives me chills. How can you not feel the authentic vintage vibe yet still hooked on an aura of colossal, hero-like theme songs from The Incredibles? Or even “having feels” while watching the first three minutes of Up? To be honest, he produced some of really good motivational soundtracks (currently working on thesis, have to avoid distraction). Not only that, his score production for Inside Out and Jurassic World is tough to beat.

Although, when it comes to make a villain out of two notes you can look no further than John Williams. Before we dwell into murmuring the Imperial March, let’s not forget that he is also producing scores for Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Home Alone, Star Wars and many more. His way of making this dripping with drama is something I can’t quite picture, it’s almost as hard as trying to explain Ennio Morricone’s score on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It’s sort of out-of-this-world.

Personally though, Star Trek sold it for me. The best rendition is brought to life in 2011 BBC Proms conducted by Keith Lockhart, and I teared up a little bit. Ode to Harrison was immensely daunting, it’s almost feel embedded to Khan. Also, Whiplash got some seriously addicting tunes and actually makes you feel focused while typing your thesis since it’s Jazz and you won’t mumble out lyrics, try Caravan and Too Hip to Retire.

To me, when it comes to scores like these, just hearing the tunes alone already send chills down my spine.


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