That One Guide to Not Being Stupid

Today I decided to install XAMPP to access my WordPress since here you can’t actually have free yet good themes. Well, I tried and honestly failed to understand the whole techniques despite follow everything on the instruction.

When you are acclimatized with the world of digital, you have to be precise and detailed in terms of putting things on your personal computer. Whether you are about to install something and keep clicking that next button without bother looking at the offers you agreed to (without even bother to read it) or even just unexpectedly download something spam-ish, it will eat your PC RAM’s whole.

I think that’s how I learn, with trial-yet-expected-error. But honestly, everybody have their fair share of learning experiences especially through school.

This takes me back to the glory days of schooling. That’s where you actually have to sit down and absorb everything your teacher tells you, to soak it all up like a plant. Learning has always been something progressive in my opinion. It never really stops until you are done with life, figuratively. That also applies to how you learn.

My junior high once tested its entire student with questionnaires regarding what are their most accurate way to learn. There are those who learn by listening to lectures (that’s me), others are with interactive activities (kinesthetically) while some are by observing the problem, and last category are people who are comfortable with whichever the approach is. See, that whole segregated way to learn is kind of too textbook, cookie-cutter, conservative for me. In my experience, you are learning when you solve the problem to what makes you curious about something.

I’m currently learning on how to make a movie-script, because I’m curious about how it works. When you exclaimed, “Ah! I got it!” That’s when you’re learning.

In response to Daily Prompt:

Learning Style


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