Family Trips? I Double Dare You.

It would be a terrible thing to say, “I’m bored.” Unless you are someone who has been all over the world doing who-knows-what, I guess it would be unfair to yourself to say that you are experiencing boredom. It was a very contagious feeling, boredom. It eats you whole, and left you fully caved into your couch worrying about things that happen to others.

See, boredom is not a healthy expression. One must not feel it so often, since they have the whole world outside their window. But you can’t help but to sit and whine about why you’re not all over the world doing who-knows-what. Because now, you have to pay in order not to get bored. That’s the general perception of ways to obtain pleasure, and fulfilling one’s desire.

Once I was on a family trip to Puncak, near the end of last year. I decided not to drive there, and hop on to one of my relative’s car since I don’t like long drive at the time. Puncak (The Peak as you may call it) stretch up this hill on a one way road designed in order to avoid traffic jams on both directions. The road changes its one way direction every three hours.

I have never been more confined in my life.

To wait in a jammed traffic where it was only a one way road for about three hours was the most unpleasant trip experience of my life. It would be a bit better if the whole party filled with adults; there would be a lot of whining but no crying. Oh how I wish it was true.

I’m bored and frustrated. On top of that, I have to witness my 8-year-old (I think) cousin cry the whole trip every time things doesn’t go her way. Which is fine by me, until my phone decided to bail on me and die in the middle of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

When we get to the villa, the only consolation there was a pool table and a swimming pool. I am content with the former. The smaller kids however, like the latter. My phone didn’t get that much reception so I stayed playing pool table for who-knows-how-long. The villa is almost always loud, with kids running around and play. Aunts and uncles talking about adult stuff. I get to hangout with cousins near my age and talk about young adult stuff. It was nice overall.

But, everybody sleeps early. I can’t force myself to sleep at 9 PM when in reality, 9 PM is “foreplay” into binge-watching Doctor Who (about to start season 3). I was bored out of my mind. I don’t have my laptop with me and no WiFi on that villa.

The only thing I can do is to read, until sleepiness overpowers me. It did, around 12 AM I went back to my room finally able to close my eyes.

In response to Daily Post Prompt: ( YAWN )


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