Procrastination. That’s It.

It’s the perfect balance of anxiety and laziness, you know what I mean?

It has something to do with the way you handle losing, and assignments. Back when I was in 5th semester, everything is piling up. The amount of assignments per week barely keep me together. That is also the first time I have ever be home at 3 AM because of a group project, which due at 8 AM on that day. It was thrilling and surprising how everyone is able to hold on to their strength and try to drag themselves onto finishing it, with flying colors too.

It was not a good combination, you know. At first, you think that you can handle it perfectly later, but you know deep down those things will not be good enough to be done in one night. Later on, it turns into a constant battle of doing it now or later. I ended up doing it earlier than planned, since I don’t like obligations hanging out and taunting me at the back of my head.

In response to the Daily Post Prompt: The Eighth Sin


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