“I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave.”

You can’t put a finger on what you’ll miss once you’re not on Earth.

Every inch of you have always been here. You are conceived, raised, and survived under this small blue thing in the middle of space. So, when you leave Earth, you leave on what makes you, you.

Your sense first betrayed you, your body then needed adjustment on how to do things on a different planet. I look to my right as of now, it’s all green on the ground and slightly cloudy. You might feel a bit annoyed because it’s going to rain soon, and that your clothes aren’t dry yet but believe me, those are bits of things you will miss once you’re not on Earth.

Because you’re being stripped off of everything that makes you human, a man from Earth. That identity is no longer there because you’re simply not here. Sure, you can probably reminisce or even try to duplicate how Earth’s like on a different planet. But seriously, nothing feels like home. Here.

In response to Daily Post prompt, Longing for Gravity


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