“Did you shave your eyebrow?”

I don’t.

People think I do, and they don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s a decent ice-breaker, for them to ask what happened to my left eyebrow. People would touch their own eyebrow and asked, “Why is your eyebrow look like that?” then I would explain it they way I have always been doing it while sighing internally like I just nonchalantly informed something, which I am. Sometimes it feels like one of those FAQs people don’t bother read and ask the man for the damn thing.

In this case, ask the young woman for the damn thing.

It really is a frequently asked question for people who meet me for the first time, I just notice the way they look over my eyebrow when we are exchanging conversation. Then I sense the second they’re about to ask the thing. I answered it like an IT person who always say this:


My answer has always been the same, but overtime I just make it more concise than ever. Before then, I’d spill my entire childhood and stuff but now? I just say, “I just started walking. Slipped and fell off the window after climbing the stroller. My eyebrow hit the window sill.”

That’s it.

In response to the Daily Post prompt, Scars


7 thoughts on ““Did you shave your eyebrow?””

      1. Ha… Good idea, but I was just kidding, Alie–I guess superglue would work as well. If it is of any comfort to you, one day I noticed that all of my eyelashed on my left eye had gone stone white. I haven’t a white hair on my head and my other eyelashes are still black. If I don’t use mascara, I look very strange indeed. So, we all have our crosses to bear.

      2. Oops… I replied but it disappeared. Perhaps I replied on the wrong comment. At any rate, what I said was that I was just kidding. I don’t know of any eyebrow toupee. If it is any comfort to you, one day I noticed that all of the eyelashes on my left eye had gone snow white! I don’t have a white hair on my head and the eyelashes on the other side are still black. If I don’t wear mascara I look very strange indeed. So, I share your pain. I also have one white hair on my right eyebrow… so now you know all my defects. Well, the ones I’ll admit to.

  1. Sheesh. So I repeated myself. Sorry. The first post didn’t show up on my notifications. Also I notice a few mistakes. Stone white? What is that??? Eyelashed? Sounds like what we used to call butterfly kisses… Of course should be eyelashes. I promise. No more comments for now.

    1. It’s alright 🙂 I’m actually aware of “I’m kidding” part, I couldn’t imagine having toupee on my eyebrow though. Wouldn’t it just… fly away in a breeze?

      Do you still use mascara for it until now, or is it back to normal already?

      1. No… it will never regain pigment. I have vitiligo–a condition where you lose pigment in your skin. I think this is probably what happened…it just spread to the skin in the area of my left eye and affected the hair pigment as well. I have a little pigment in spots on my arms and legs which now look like big freckles. Luckily, I have a light complexion so it isn’t as obvious as it would be if my skin were darker toned. Needless to say, sunscreen is a given for me every day!!

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