Is Being Anxious a Good Thing?

I’m sure others have different way—and sometimes extreme way—of experiencing anxiousness. Right now as I’m assessing my schedule through and trying to get it together, there’s a big special date I circled in. Unfortunately, it’s not a social event or a date in general. It’s my thesis defense, next Monday afternoon. Seeing all those social media posts my friends made who got the early schedule make me feel so… happy and even more anxious. I can’t lay it on verbs and adjectives any thinner, all I know is that my stomach churns and I have cold feet.

As long as I can remember, every time I have a few big things to overcome—exams, interviews—feeling anxious before the big day means a good thing. I don’t know, the feeling of being in no control over the outcome is really upsetting. But yeah, good luck to us all.