Froze the One-Third in a Jar

What had happened for the past four months? Surprisingly, a lot.

Work has been really stimulating, and meeting new people brings out newer sides of me. An introverted person with mild social anxiety would be struggling to adjust, and that’s me right after I wrote the last post but I’m getting there.

Right now? I’m eating fine. I’m exercising twice a week. I have a routine, a 10-to-6 desk job that involves writing and data capturing. It was a huge turnout compared to last year. Instead of a depressed person who loves to be indoors for seven days a week, now she is a depressed person who gets paid to be indoors for five days a week. There’s silver lining for everything I guess.

There has been times where I grew tired of writing, and it feels like I’m not myself. I don’t have inspirations or muses, even reading has grown to be a tiresome activity at one point. But now? I’m starting to write again, baby steps.

My point is that the past few months I’ve been taking care of myself better than last year, and I feel great and understand myself a little better, as well as knowing more about different types of people I’m dealing with.

It’s a nice change of pace.