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That Pause Before Adult-ing the Adult Stuff.

Suddenly it dawned on me, that I am a grown up person who recently passed thesis defense and currently awaiting on graduation. This is not the average high school grad, this is the college grad. The last formal graduation I’ll ever have, that is until I start another study trying to get doctoral hopefully.

My dad told me to chill for a bit before start to look for jobs since I’ve been “studying for 12 years”. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks since the last revision thesis turn-in.

I’ve done loads of writing, though you’ll never see any of it. Writing has always been that one activity where I can get away from other people and just be me. Writing is good for the soul, my soul at least. That is when you can sort yourself, and trying to make sense of things when your brain isn’t really keen on doing it for you. There are loads of things to write down and sometimes it doesn’t mean a thing but when you re-read it again on any other day, it makes a load of sense. For example, motivational writings.

I’ve been baking too, and that’s an entirely new thing for me. It started out a week ago when my father who make and sell pizzas for a couple of months told me that I don’t really have some type of food that is truly my creation. He continued that everyone but me in the family at least be able to make one thing. My mother bake personalized macaroni schotel, my brother make pancakes from scratch, and my father make pizza. I consider that a challenge, so I tried to make sugar cookies.

Long story short, I got too much flour on it and ended up with sugar dough balls (the first time). It tasted good though. Then the second time I tried it, I use tad bit too many butter and ended up with lady fingers-like cookies. It melts straight away and had just the right amount of sweetness though. The third time I tried it with cocoa powder it turned out so beautiful, I had to continue. The most recent one is the perfect balance between sugar, flour, and butter and I made a whole batch, it was delicious.

But I knew it in my heart that baking isn’t my forte. To bake is to follow series of chemical instruction and ingredients one shouldn’t question. I’m all about improv cooking. Mind you, I make killer grilled cheese sandwich and eggs on toast. I guess that’s where I’m good at, comfort food.

But, that pause before actually entering adulthood of constant working and make ends meet is actually just you being pressured by your parents about why you still having trouble finding a job. So yeah, a good pause. It really sends shiver down any fresh grads’ spine.

In response to the Daily Prompt, Shiver.


“Did you shave your eyebrow?”

I don’t.

People think I do, and they don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s a decent ice-breaker, for them to ask what happened to my left eyebrow. People would touch their own eyebrow and asked, “Why is your eyebrow look like that?” then I would explain it they way I have always been doing it while sighing internally like I just nonchalantly informed something, which I am. Sometimes it feels like one of those FAQs people don’t bother read and ask the man for the damn thing.

In this case, ask the young woman for the damn thing.

It really is a frequently asked question for people who meet me for the first time, I just notice the way they look over my eyebrow when we are exchanging conversation. Then I sense the second they’re about to ask the thing. I answered it like an IT person who always say this:


My answer has always been the same, but overtime I just make it more concise than ever. Before then, I’d spill my entire childhood and stuff but now? I just say, “I just started walking. Slipped and fell off the window after climbing the stroller. My eyebrow hit the window sill.”

That’s it.

In response to the Daily Post prompt, Scars