Mayday: Jakarta

It is labor day and the festivity is overwhelming. Approximately ten thousand laborers from different parties surrounding central of Jakarta, and I gotta tell you, it’s an astonishing view if you were to stand on one of the high buildings, and also lively if you were to march with the laborers.

wpid-img_20140501_100853.jpgI took a picture from Bunderan HI and did a brief live stand up while there are still people marching behind. Naked Traveler once said that it is fortunate to be a woman journalist, it really is. I took that picture above with dozens of police behind my friend and I, not to mention one of them asked me about a tripod case my friend brought, thought it was a firearm.

I assured them, it is just a tripod case.

A few minutes passed, my friend and I decided to march along until they reached Istana Negara. On the way, we met other friends who are also assigned for this assignment. Apparently they’re with the Aliansi Jurnalis Independen, who brought a gigantic-sized shoe for Mayday. In its sides there are sayings like “Jurnalis Bukan Jurkam” (Journalist is not a Campaigner) and “Jangan Injak Independensi Media” (Don’t Trample on Media Independence). Very inspirational indeed.

Overall, it is a truly democratic sight conducted with decorum. No riots what so ever.


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